If you are eligible for attorney review, because you filed your I-129f with our office, we estimate most cases will require approximately three hours of attorney review (see below).

STEP ONE(receive NVC email and case no.) Once the I-129f petition is approved by USCIS, USCIS will mail the case to the National Visa Center, who will notify you by email of your case number.  Unlike for consular processing cases, for K1 visa cases, there are no documents to upload to the NVC and no application to submit to the NVC at this time.The NVC will automatically forward your case to the consulate for further processing.   This takes different amounts of time depending on the consulate and whether they are at capacity to receive the case.
STEP TWO(start preparing the documents that will later be required at the consulate) You can begin preparing the documents that will ultimately be required for the interview.  However, keep in mind that it may take several months (sometimes longer) for the consulate to reach out to you and let you know they are ready for the interview. Therefore, you must be aware that some of your documents and evidence will become stale (i.e., outdated) if you obtain them too early.

  1. You will need the I-134; Affidavit of Support (and supporting documents). Click here to learn more. 
  2. You will also need several civil documents, etc. Click here to learn more. 

First estimated hour of attorney review. The first estimated hour of attorney review will be to review your affidavit of support (and supporting documents for that) and all other civil documents. 

The attorney will want to take over your computer and review all documents with you, so please have them carefully organized on your desktop in two folders.

STEP THREE(once you receive correspondence from the consulate, you will need to complete (a) DS-160 application(s) for all immigrants and begin final preparations for the interview) Begin a draft of the application(s) until the end without submitting and save the login credentials.  DO NOT SUBMIT until you have had an attorney review your draft application(s).  Second estimated hour of attorney review.  The attorney will want to login to the system and review the DS-160 draft with you. Changes can be made at that time, and the form can be submitted at that time by the immigrant. 
STEP FOUR(complete final preparations for the interview) There will be several administrative tasks to complete prior to the interview, and the attorney can also be available to review any changes to supporting documents and to answer any last minute questions you have.Third estimated hour of attorney review.